Propelling Women One on One

Shelter for Abused Women and Needy Children under 18

  • We provide assistance to domestic violence victims
  • We offer shelter facilities, services, and vital support.
  • We help participants become self-sufficient and independent through counseling, employability skills seminars, life skills training, and employment placement support.

Many domestic violence victims usually return to their abuse mostly because of financial reasons. Our goal is to significantly decrease this number of victims by providing them a positive and edifying atmosphere that will allow them to become healthy, independent, happy, whole and empowered. “Light of Hope” wants to teach them how to increase their financial income and reduce public assistance, become self-sufficient, and transition to a violence-free life.
(Drug screening tests and program entrance procedures are required prior to acceptance into the program)

Domestic Violence Early Prevention Program

“Light of Hope” wants to encourage youth to have a healthy relationship with others. We want to help raise real gentlemen. We want to help them replace stereotypical male chauvinistic ideas for more altruistic, edifying, peace-loving ideas.

Target: Middle school and high school students
Means: Meeting once a week with small groups having different dynamic.
Objective: To build a positive mindset that helps them identify, avoid and fight a domestic violence situation; to help them develop safe and stable interpersonal relationships now and as adults.